Movie Review: Venom Let there be carnage

After a year of delays due to the pandemic, Sony studios finally came through with the release of the Venom sequel. And we nerds were in it for a treat.

The movie itself was entertaining, full of action with a combination of monsters and bromance. However, the post-credit scene was what left many fans astounded and excited about the future of the Marvel universe. But I will talk about the latest later on.

First let’s dive into the aspect of the movie that probably felt the most relatable to viewers, and that is the bromance between Eddie Brock and Venom. The symbiont and man exude chemistry and the film pretty much explores the complexity of their relationship the whole time. Now, we all love a good bromance and two guys breaking the toxic masculinity culture, but the arguments and dynamic between Eddie and Venom drew us all in and made us laugh. I love the way Venom had more depth as a character. We really had the opportunity to know more about him as a being and how it affects his relationship with Eddie.

Now moving on to the second best thing of the movie (in my opinion), Cletus Kasady. One of the things I loved about him is that you can see how he truly is a sociopath and the backstory with Shriek really make the audience connect a little more with the character (seriously, who does not love the crazy evil couple troop?). Carnage itself was scary and it did the job in terms of monstrosity. I really enjoyed how they complemented each other in the sense they really were selfish and had their own agendas but with a similar goal, which is revenge.

Overall, this movie was really entertaining and it made me more excited for not only the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or multiverse?) but also for the universe that Sony is creating with movies like Morbius coming up, as well as the collision of both universes, which leads me to the mid-credit scene. Folks, I think many fans will talk about this last sequence for a long time, even after the release of the long awaited Spiderman No Way Home in December and what it means for the future of the Marvel franchise.

For those whom have not seen the movie, this will be my spoilers alert warning since I will be explaining the post-credit scene. After the main credits end, we see Eddie and Venom in what it looks like a cabin in some Latin American or Spanish speaking country watching a telenovela. Then they started talking about how old Venom is and the secrets that he holds. During the conversation Venom asks Eddie if he is ready to know all he knows when suddenly, a weird phenomenon happens and they are in the same room but different, the Tv turns on and… we see the Daily Bugle with J. Jonah Jameson reporting on the identity of Spiderman, Tom Holland’s Spiderman. Yes folks, this is not a drill, we can officially say that Venom is now in the MCU! Now, how big of a role or when we will see them again remains a mystery but for now I am really excited to keep speculating with all my nerd fellows!

The new congressional map of Colorado is here: Here is what you need to know

The new congressional districts of Colorado are set for the upcoming year with a new addition.

Colorado declared the new map with the congressional districts on Tuesday, September 28 and the feature that is grabbing people’s and the media attention is the new district added to it. The newest district 8 encompasses parts of the north suburbs of Denver such as Greeley, Thornton, Brighton, Westminster, Commerce City, Longmont, and Mead.

The map is waiting for the approval of the Supreme Court and it gives comfortable advantages to each of the members of Congress from Colorado: the Democrats Joe Neguse, Jason Crow, Diana DeGette, and Ed Perlmutter and the Republicans Ken Buck, Lauren Boebert and Dough Lamborn.

There is a large population of Latinx families living in the new district and the competitiveness of the district has put some politicians on edge. After a vote in 2018 that lay out a new process on the drawing of congressional districts, the new system has created a new map that allows four safe seats to the Democrats and three safe seats to Republicans, and the new competitive north district.

The commissioners used data from the Census to design the new district, and many long discussions and almost 200 drafts later, they came to an agreement of 11-1 on their top choice.

What this new map means for the upcoming elections and the communities is still yet to be seen. One thing that has been noted it is the anxiety that has provoked in many elected officials due to the uncertainty of which party will win it over. For now it is a waiting game while the Supreme Court reviews it

Las temperaturas bajan con la llegada del otoño

El miércoles 22 de septiembre es el comienzo oficial del otoño. Sin embargo, las temperaturas se adelantaron unos días. El lunes 20 de septiembre la máxima fue de 68 grados Fahrenheit, pero muchos sintieron las mínimas temperaturas en los 40 grados.

Este año ha traído una cantidad de desastres naturales a una velocidad alarmante como ejemplo del cambio climático y calentamiento global que la Tierra ha estado experimentado por muchos años. Científicos y expertos en el área han expresado su preocupación por la evidente situación en que el planeta se encuentra. Muchos de ellos, junto con activistas del medioambiente están alzando sus voces más fuertes que nunca y demandan a las agencias gubernamentales y la sociedad a tomar medidas y evitar la extensión del daño hecho.

A principios del 2021 se anunció que ya habíamos cruzado el punto sin regreso con respecto al cambio climático y los fatales efectos en el planeta Tierra, además de las terribles consecuencias para las estructuras y hábitats naturales.

A nivel estatal algunas de las secuelas han sido la mala calidad del aire durante el verano, los incendios forestales en las montañas y temperaturas más altas de lo normal.

Second Shooter of STEM school is sentenced to almost 1,300 years in addition to life sentence

Friday, September 17 marked the end of the trial of Devon Erickson, two years after he and another student entered the STEM Highlands Ranch High School and shot several students, killing fellow classmate Kendrick Castillo during the altercation. Castillo intervened and lay down his own life to save his classmates.

The fatal shooting occurred in may of 2019 and left a scar in not only the community of Highlands Ranch High School, but also in the state.

After a long hearing court of testimonies from survivors, parents and teachers. The 18th Judicial District Court Judge Theresa Slade declared Erickson guilty of first degree murder with extreme indifference, first degree murder, conspiracy to commit first degree murder and 30 counts of criminal attempts at first degree murder, in addition to 12 other charges related to the shooting.

During the hearing, all of the testifiers asked for the life sentence, stating that the defendant did not show any remorse for what he did and the pain and trauma he caused. Kendrick’s Castillo mother was the last one to speak. In an emotional delivery, Maria Castillo condemned Erickson’s actions and demanded life sentence for him as well.

“”We don’t want to forget Kendrick, but it’s an emotional journey that most people will never understand, and I hope they don’t”

John Castillo, Kendrick Castillo’s father

Erickson’s parents also testified, told him they loved him and that they pray for the families affected by the shooting everyday and hope they can find forgiveness in their hearts.

Erickson is the second shooter. Alec McKinney was also charged of first degree murder, attempted murder and possession of a weapon on school property, he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole plus 38 years in July of this year.

Hoy comienza el Mes de Herencia Hispana: un recapítulo de la celebración

Esta semana millones de personas celebran el comienzo del mes de la herencia hispana, y ya se pueden ver los colores, escuchar la música y sentir la alegría que caracteriza a la comunidad hispana. Sin embargo, la designación del mes de herencia de hispana es reciente. Este año se cumplen tan solo 33 años desde que se proclamó.

La primera vez que los Estados Unidos celebró la herencia hispana como festividad nacional fue en 1968, cuando el entonces presidente Lyndon B. Johnson declaró la Semana de la Herencia Hispana, empezando el 15 de septiembre, día en que se celebra la independencia en países como Honduras, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala y Nicaragua. Durante esta semana también se celebra la independencia de  México y Chile, que son el 16 de septiembre y el 18 de septiembre respectivamente.

El festejo de una semana fue aprobado por el Congreso de los Estados Unidos el 17 de septiembre de 1968 como una resolución y años más tarde, en 1974, el presidente Gerald R. Ford emitió una proclamación para instar a las instituciones y organizaciones a realizar actividades conmemorando la cultura hispana.

No fue hasta el año 1988, 20 años después de la proclamación del presidente Jonhson, que se aprobó la Ley 100-402, la cual amplió la celebración hasta un mes, desde el 15 de septiembre hasta el 15 de octubre. El presidente Ronald Reagan reiteró la conmemoración y con la Ley Pública cada año a nivel nacional los estadounidenses y ciudadanos en el país.

33 años más tarde, las celebraciones y actividades están en auge. Y durante el pasar de los años la comunidad crece, y por lo tanto, la cantidad de eventos de instituciones educativas, organizaciones sin fines lucrativos e incluso corporaciones aumentan, al igual que en los medios como la televisión, servicios de transmisión. Por esta razón, en los próximos 30 días estaré compartiendo historias y resaltando la contribución de mi comunidad.

¡Feliz mes de la herencia hispana!

Refugee Crisis and Evacuation Efforts

Since the takeover of the Taliban. Thousands of Afghans have been in danger due to their ties to the U.S. government and the oppressively leadership of the Taliban. It is important to note that this situation is not isolated, and that this occurrence is the product of a war that has been going on over 20 years between the United States and the terrorist group.

In the midst of this humanitarian crisis that the government has politized, groups such as No one left behind have been working to provide aid and resources for those who are trying to flee Afghanistan and the refugees who are coming to the country.

I had the opportunity to attend a townhall about this crisis and heard many experts and activists share their knowledge about the situation and how we can help at the local level from people working first hand with this community and agencies that provide service and guidance to refugees inside and outside of the country.

People like Richard MacNamee, veteran and director of MSU Denver Cybersecurity Center and who has been working on the process of resettlements for refugees in Denver and who explained how families are being transported right now from safehouse to safehouse while they find a way to get them to a refugee camp in another country, usually Pakistan or Tajikistan. They had to be translated within six weeks, which is the window given to avoid the upcoming harsh winter conditions.

Atim Otii, the director of Denver Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs also added that many international organizations that were processing applications from refugees had to stop due to the restrictions imposed by the government of the United States.

People fleeing Afghanistan have had to experience many hardships that do not necessarily end when they arrive to another country. They go through traumatic events, which includes for many burning all their documents so that the Taliban cannot find them and see something worth of becoming a target, like working for any U.S. agency, for instance, mentioned Nike Puldra, a community member engagement present in the panel as well. And once they are in safer areas, they have to encounter another type of hostility: the experience of being a refugee in a foreign country and the fear of how people may receive you.

Metra Mehran talked about her own experience as a refugee and activist and also gave advice regarding how to best help the refugee community, a few of those tips were:

  • Provide hot meals to people in refugee camps.
  • Guide them with forms of payment, such as cards and ATMs.
  • Being informed about resettlement process.
  • Make an effort to talk to them and get to know their stories.
  • Help sharing their stories.

You can find about other ways to help for residents from Denver in any of these websites:

The day that changed America

20 years ago today, the world saw the fallout of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York when two planes crashed into the buildings, one after the other, leaving thousands of deaths and a collective pain that to this day still stands.

September 11 is, for many, a day to honor and remember not only those who passed away but also the heroes who worked tirelessly and sacrificed their lives to save others.

That day, parents lost their children and approximately 200 kids grew up without knowing their parents. And with the whole world observing, the United States embarked in what it will become a journey of grief and rebuilding of spirits. Because the day of this terrific tragic there was also another awakening, one that was sparked by fear and uncertainty.

That day thousands of Muslims and people from South Asia and Middle East woke up and felt the hostility and sudden panic, even hate, from strangers, neighbors and friends. Many American citizens of immigrant parents had to wake up and not only mourn their country but face racism and hate crimes that persisted for years.

The former president, George W. Bush, did his best to show support for the Muslim community and visited several times the Islamic Center of Washington on various occasions to foment tolerance among the citizens.

Years after, people still feel the horror and impact of the collapse and the pain and grief of the lives taken. The aftermath of this terrorist attack was illustrated in not only the collective trauma but also in more feasible ways, such as the increment of national security.

El Salvador se convierte en el primer país en aceptar criptomoneda como método de pago

El martes 7 de septiembre El Salvador anunció que aceptaría el bitcoin como forma de pago nacional, convirtiéndose en el país pionero con respecto al uso de la criptomoneda. La ley había pasado en la Asamblea Legislativa de El Salvador en junio de este año tras haber sido propuesta por el presidente Nayib Bukele.

El presidente Bukele, declaró la adopción de la criptomoneda como moneda nacional, lo cual ha llamado la atención a un nivel internacional, ya que muchos ven este adoctrinamiento como un experimento sobre la estabilidad de la criptomoneda y lo que puede implicar para las democracias y clases sociales en todo el mundo.

El mismo día de la declaración del presidente Bukele, la criptomoneda demostró su volatilidad cuando bajó aproximadamente un 17 por ciento y luego se recuperó, llegando a los 46 mil setecientos cuarenta y nueve dólares en la industria del comercio el mismo día.

El anuncio fue recibido por manifestaciones por parte de los ciudadanos en El Salvador debido al miedo del aumento de la pobreza y corrupción, además de los problemas técnicos que muchas aplicaciones de criptomoneda experimentaron, como por ejemplo Chivo Wallet.

Aquellas personas que apoyan la ley dicen que la adopción de la criptomoneda como una forma legal de pago ayudará a los Salvadoreños a evitar las tarifas altas de las remesas, las cuales sumaron hasta seis millones de dólares el año pasado, de acuerdo con un reporte de CNN Business.

Los gobiernos y agencias en todo el mundo observan lo que ya muchos llaman “experimento” y como afectará a la economía y clases sociales en el país centroamericano. Mientras tanto, expertos ya están discutiendo los posibles riesgos que la criptomoneda como forma de pago puede implicar en términos del crimen.

Expertos han advertido a otros países que consideran adoptar esta práctica a abordarla con cautela debido a la inestabilidad que aún conlleva.

New law in Texas bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy

The law has caused other cities to reconsider partnerships with Texas businesses.

Last week, Greg Abbott, Texas governor, signed a bill that banned abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. The new law, which is known as SB 8, has caused controversy in the country due to its obvious limitations to women’s rights.

Many advocates are on guard after Gov. Abbot signed the bill, with many of them working tirelessly to get the collective to care about what this ban means for women and their well-being. Pro -choice advocates argue that most women are not even aware of their state at six weeks yet and this law takes away the choice of whether to continue with their pregnancy.

On Tuesday, September 7, Abbot clarified that the ban will not apply to rapes during a press conference.

“Let’s be clear: rape is a crime…And Texas will work tirelessly to make sure that we eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas by aggressively going out and arresting them and prosecuting them and getting them off the streets.”

Gov. Greg Abbot in a news report for KXAN

The law will not only ban women from getting abortion procedures but also will offer about $10,000 to any citizen of the state that sues physicians or anyone who aids during an abortion after the heartbeat can be detected.

The Supreme Court had been asked by activists and pro-choice groups to block it and it had until Tuesday August 31st to do so. However, the day came and went by with no action, and thus, allowing the law to go into effect.

In the aftermath of the bill, a few companies have spoken out about it and declaring their support to women and their right to choose. Some of them were Lyft, Uber, Bumble, among others. Even though their reasoning is mostly driven by legalities, their declarations has sparked the conversation among other business. Even cities have taken action to support, such as Portland in Oregon, which will vote on a law that will cut all the imports and goods from Texas as retaliation for the ban.

Texas is known as one of the most republican states in the country and this law aligns with the beliefs of the people in power and the majority of the population. Nevertheless, it is still a step back regarding women’s rights and will most likely increase the number of illegal abortions, which is a dangerous procedures that put women’s lives at risk.

Grupo de veteranos ayudan a refugiados de Afganistán

Team Rubicon ofrece servicios de interpretación y guía para encontrar vivienda, entre otros, a los nuevos inmigrantes de Afganistán.

El ataque del Talibán al país de Afganistán fue, para muchos, cuestión de tiempo. El mes pasado, los ciudadanos del mundo observaron la toma del país ubicado al sur de Asia por el grupo religioso extremista.

Miles de Afganos han estado intentando salir y escapar aterrorizados de vivir bajo la autoridad de los Talibanes, quienes son conocidos por sus normas extremistas y misóginas. Durante las últimas semanas, funcionarios y militares de los Estados Unidos han sido evacuados del país, junto con refugiados Afganos que buscan escapar del gobierno del Talibán.

Colorado es uno de los estados que ha declarado su apoyo por los inmigrantes y refugiados de Afganistán. El gobernador Jared Polis escribió varias cartas a la administración de Joe Biden solicitando que brindara apoyo y recursos a los refugiados provenientes de Afganistán.

Sin embargo, hay muchos que sienten impotencia al no poder ayudar. Por esta razón, grupos como Team Rubicon, un equipo de veteranos que ayudan a poblaciones y comunidades afectadas por desastres naturales han decidido tomar acción y han auxiliado a los nuevos inmigrantes en el estado a encontrar vivienda y asistiéndoles con el proceso de mudanza.

En Colorado, el Team Rubicon ayuda a las comunidades que han sido afectadas por desastres naturales, como los incendios forestales que se han visto en auge este verano, como consecuencia del cambio climático. Pero estos veteranos no se podieron quedar de brazos cruzados, y de esta manera, el proyecto para ayudar a los refugiados comenzó la misma semana que el último soldado fue evacuado de Afganistán, de acuerdo con un reporte de 9News.

Algunos de los servicios que están ofreciendo al momento son de vivienda, mudanza e interpretación. Puedes informarte más en la página de Team Rubicon.