The day that changed America

20 years ago today, the world saw the fallout of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York when two planes crashed into the buildings, one after the other, leaving thousands of deaths and a collective pain that to this day still stands.

September 11 is, for many, a day to honor and remember not only those who passed away but also the heroes who worked tirelessly and sacrificed their lives to save others.

That day, parents lost their children and approximately 200 kids grew up without knowing their parents. And with the whole world observing, the United States embarked in what it will become a journey of grief and rebuilding of spirits. Because the day of this terrific tragic there was also another awakening, one that was sparked by fear and uncertainty.

That day thousands of Muslims and people from South Asia and Middle East woke up and felt the hostility and sudden panic, even hate, from strangers, neighbors and friends. Many American citizens of immigrant parents had to wake up and not only mourn their country but face racism and hate crimes that persisted for years.

The former president, George W. Bush, did his best to show support for the Muslim community and visited several times the Islamic Center of Washington on various occasions to foment tolerance among the citizens.

Years after, people still feel the horror and impact of the collapse and the pain and grief of the lives taken. The aftermath of this terrorist attack was illustrated in not only the collective trauma but also in more feasible ways, such as the increment of national security.

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