New law in Texas bans abortion after six weeks of pregnancy

The law has caused other cities to reconsider partnerships with Texas businesses.

Last week, Greg Abbott, Texas governor, signed a bill that banned abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. The new law, which is known as SB 8, has caused controversy in the country due to its obvious limitations to women’s rights.

Many advocates are on guard after Gov. Abbot signed the bill, with many of them working tirelessly to get the collective to care about what this ban means for women and their well-being. Pro -choice advocates argue that most women are not even aware of their state at six weeks yet and this law takes away the choice of whether to continue with their pregnancy.

On Tuesday, September 7, Abbot clarified that the ban will not apply to rapes during a press conference.

“Let’s be clear: rape is a crime…And Texas will work tirelessly to make sure that we eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas by aggressively going out and arresting them and prosecuting them and getting them off the streets.”

Gov. Greg Abbot in a news report for KXAN

The law will not only ban women from getting abortion procedures but also will offer about $10,000 to any citizen of the state that sues physicians or anyone who aids during an abortion after the heartbeat can be detected.

The Supreme Court had been asked by activists and pro-choice groups to block it and it had until Tuesday August 31st to do so. However, the day came and went by with no action, and thus, allowing the law to go into effect.

In the aftermath of the bill, a few companies have spoken out about it and declaring their support to women and their right to choose. Some of them were Lyft, Uber, Bumble, among others. Even though their reasoning is mostly driven by legalities, their declarations has sparked the conversation among other business. Even cities have taken action to support, such as Portland in Oregon, which will vote on a law that will cut all the imports and goods from Texas as retaliation for the ban.

Texas is known as one of the most republican states in the country and this law aligns with the beliefs of the people in power and the majority of the population. Nevertheless, it is still a step back regarding women’s rights and will most likely increase the number of illegal abortions, which is a dangerous procedures that put women’s lives at risk.

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