The new congressional map of Colorado is here: Here is what you need to know

The new congressional districts of Colorado are set for the upcoming year with a new addition.

Colorado declared the new map with the congressional districts on Tuesday, September 28 and the feature that is grabbing people’s and the media attention is the new district added to it. The newest district 8 encompasses parts of the north suburbs of Denver such as Greeley, Thornton, Brighton, Westminster, Commerce City, Longmont, and Mead.

The map is waiting for the approval of the Supreme Court and it gives comfortable advantages to each of the members of Congress from Colorado: the Democrats Joe Neguse, Jason Crow, Diana DeGette, and Ed Perlmutter and the Republicans Ken Buck, Lauren Boebert and Dough Lamborn.

There is a large population of Latinx families living in the new district and the competitiveness of the district has put some politicians on edge. After a vote in 2018 that lay out a new process on the drawing of congressional districts, the new system has created a new map that allows four safe seats to the Democrats and three safe seats to Republicans, and the new competitive north district.

The commissioners used data from the Census to design the new district, and many long discussions and almost 200 drafts later, they came to an agreement of 11-1 on their top choice.

What this new map means for the upcoming elections and the communities is still yet to be seen. One thing that has been noted it is the anxiety that has provoked in many elected officials due to the uncertainty of which party will win it over. For now it is a waiting game while the Supreme Court reviews it

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