Movie Review: Venom Let there be carnage

After a year of delays due to the pandemic, Sony studios finally came through with the release of the Venom sequel. And we nerds were in it for a treat.

The movie itself was entertaining, full of action with a combination of monsters and bromance. However, the post-credit scene was what left many fans astounded and excited about the future of the Marvel universe. But I will talk about the latest later on.

First let’s dive into the aspect of the movie that probably felt the most relatable to viewers, and that is the bromance between Eddie Brock and Venom. The symbiont and man exude chemistry and the film pretty much explores the complexity of their relationship the whole time. Now, we all love a good bromance and two guys breaking the toxic masculinity culture, but the arguments and dynamic between Eddie and Venom drew us all in and made us laugh. I love the way Venom had more depth as a character. We really had the opportunity to know more about him as a being and how it affects his relationship with Eddie.

Now moving on to the second best thing of the movie (in my opinion), Cletus Kasady. One of the things I loved about him is that you can see how he truly is a sociopath and the backstory with Shriek really make the audience connect a little more with the character (seriously, who does not love the crazy evil couple troop?). Carnage itself was scary and it did the job in terms of monstrosity. I really enjoyed how they complemented each other in the sense they really were selfish and had their own agendas but with a similar goal, which is revenge.

Overall, this movie was really entertaining and it made me more excited for not only the Marvel Cinematic Universe (or multiverse?) but also for the universe that Sony is creating with movies like Morbius coming up, as well as the collision of both universes, which leads me to the mid-credit scene. Folks, I think many fans will talk about this last sequence for a long time, even after the release of the long awaited Spiderman No Way Home in December and what it means for the future of the Marvel franchise.

For those whom have not seen the movie, this will be my spoilers alert warning since I will be explaining the post-credit scene. After the main credits end, we see Eddie and Venom in what it looks like a cabin in some Latin American or Spanish speaking country watching a telenovela. Then they started talking about how old Venom is and the secrets that he holds. During the conversation Venom asks Eddie if he is ready to know all he knows when suddenly, a weird phenomenon happens and they are in the same room but different, the Tv turns on and… we see the Daily Bugle with J. Jonah Jameson reporting on the identity of Spiderman, Tom Holland’s Spiderman. Yes folks, this is not a drill, we can officially say that Venom is now in the MCU! Now, how big of a role or when we will see them again remains a mystery but for now I am really excited to keep speculating with all my nerd fellows!

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