Movie Review: Eternals

Marvel project proves to be one of the most divisive one

Eternals premiered last month and the newest Marvel movie has demonstrated to be one of the most beautiful cinematically and, in contrast to previous films, a very much character-driven one.

Marvel has graced many fans this year with not only four installments but also five tv shows on the Disney + platform. The Eternals is the third movie and sixth project from Marvel this year. Even though the first reviews were very much mixed, the general audience seems to have a discrepancy with the harsh critics from the first screeners. While cinema critics expressed a polarized range of opinions the rest of the world seemed to enjoy the unique film.
For a Marvel project, Eternals has the right amount of originality and good old magic and taste that the MCU brings to popular culture.

I am one of those who love this film. Starting with the breathtaking landscapes and frames to the in-depth dialogue and exposition of the characters and lore. Eternals became easily one of my favorite and top Marvel projects. I loved the dialogue and drama among the characters. The sense of family that is created by the writing and chemistry of the cast was one of the main selling points. We see the development and bond throughout centuries in contrast to their current position within the world and each other in the present. It is important to remember that the writers and producers told the story of ten whole new characters over two hours.

Of course, there were a few mishaps and I can understand why people would be left with a feeling of wanting more. I do think the main couple lacked the chemistry and flavor audiences usually fall for. Nevertheless, the movie compensated for it with the amazing scope of the movie. Moreover, two of the other Eternals ended up becoming one of the favorite Marvel couples of this year: Druig and Makkari stole the hearts both individually and together.

This movie granted us two post-credit scenes that open the door for the future of not only the Eternals but also another character, Dane Whitman, also known as the Black Knight by comic fans. Introduced as Sersi’s boyfriend, Dane works as the connection to humans for the Eternals but those who know about the character in the comics are excited for his future since he also has a family secret that we will learn more about in future projects. Also, we must talk about the cameo of Harry Styles as Eros, fellow eternal and Thanos’ brother. I am excited to see more of his acting, especially within the MCU.
I hope Marvel keeps on making projects such as this one, different and unique, even if they do not land exactly the way they want because taking risks is what makes great art.
Stay tuned because the Spiderman No Way Home is coming up and oh boy. Do I have thoughts!

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